The Benefits of Virtual Therapy

The Benefits of Virtual Therapy

We are really missing being able to visit all of you and we are really hoping we can get back to seeing you all as soon as it is safe to do so.

Whilst we can’t complete visits at the moment, we are still here for you! We are still able to help you from a distance.

Have you tried virtual therapy yet?

If not, why not lean into it and give virtual therapy a go?

Here is the story of Thomas and his family on how they have adapted to the current lockdown and kept Thomas working towards his goals by engaging in regular virtual therapy sessions:

1. What has been your physio routine since lockdown has started?

Since lockdown began, we have continued with Tom’s therapy and he has been having 2x 30-minute sessions of virtual physio each week.

We try to do daily physio with Tom, including the exercises Dan has been showing us. As well as making the most of the sunshine, going out riding his trike and going in the hot tub!

2. How have you found virtual therapy?

We have found virtual physio such a big help in keeping Thomas active. Dan explains and shows us all the exercises for us to complete and has loads of patience. Dan is enthusiastic and motivates Tom to keep working through the whole session.

3. How has Thomas benefited from virtual therapy?

Tom has benefited greatly from the virtual physio as it has enabled him to keep in touch with Dan, maintain the relationship and keep progressing with his exercises. Tom looks forward to the 2 weekly sessions with Dan and it helps keep him focused.

Well done Tom on keeping up the hard work whilst staying at home!

One thing we have found is that virtual therapy helps keep children in their routines, which are very important. They take some of the pressure off the family in having to design and carry out therapy sessions for their children as well as taking away some of that worry of ‘am I doing it right’ because you are guided through the whole process. Not to mention it’s great to keep in touch!

You can contact your therapist and ask them about virtual therapy and give it a go! Or email


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