“We searched around the country for a specialist children’s physiotherapist, so imagine our delight to find that PT Kids would travel to us. Our daughter adores her therapist and out of all the specialists we’ve seen over the past year, PT Kids has had the biggest positive impact on our lives.”

Parent of a young child with a genetic condition

“The fantastic thing for us is the progress he is making; it makes the cost more than worthwhile. Our physio also has a very calm manner but is firm with his discipline and encourages our son with achievable aims and goals within a session. He also has the patience of a saint!

Our physio has a wealth of experience having worked at a number of highly regarded paediatric services and has good contact with consultants and representatives. For us it has been great to be able to call on his knowledge to help drive our son’s wider therapy, whether that is, to encourage us or to temper our enthusiasm when required.

Picking the right help is vital for maximum effectiveness in our son’s therapy – we seemed to strike gold with PT Kids. Being confident in the expertise of a therapist is paramount but we also feel that PT Kids very much has our son’s best interests at heart. For us though our son has been the clincher, he never complains of his weekly visit and is even recognising the differences in his body and his confidence and independence is growing.”

Parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy

“I can’t thank PT Kids enough for the work they do with my son. We’ve been seeing our physio for 7 months now. He has the patience of a saint and is such a lovely person. I hope our physio and my son keep building a great relationship as my son gets older. Thank you!”

Parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy

“Our daughter has been seeing PT Kids for around 7 months now. She’s 8 months Post-SDR and tonight during our session she stood unaided for about 25 seconds. We’ve worked on it since our therapist left and tonight, she has stood for over a minute. So proud and so thankful!”

Parent of a child Post-SDR

“We are very happy with the service provided by PT Kids and we have seen big improvement in my daughter’s mobility over the months. Our therapist’s sessions are excellent, very impressed!”

Parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy

“We have seen PT Kids’ Occupational Therapist for our daughter twice and we highly recommend her. She’s helped us to develop our daughter’s writing skills when she was struggling. Thank you PT Kids!”

Parent of a child with hypermobility

“Although we have nothing but good things to say about our NHS physio, we simply are unable to see her regularly enough to have the effect and consolidation that we would like.

With providing therapy and stretching for the majority of his life he normally gets very fed up and very bored very quickly. We have tried all sorts to try make what we do fun and interesting but quite simply we had run out of ideas. Not only would he associate stretches and exercise with me, he would often become quite upset- that isn’t easy as a Dad; so we decided to recruit PT Kids!

After a couple of sessions our physio was very much in danger of being ‘group-hugged’!! when last week our son stood unaided, on his own, for about 15 seconds!

The regular therapy has dramatically enhanced his potential. THANK YOU!”

Parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy