22nd June 2020
PT-Kids Success Story: Leonie had a self-funded SDR operation and therefore we had to self-fund to help Leonie with the post operation aftercare. Receiving specialist physiotherapy after this surgery is vital.

PT Kids Success Story

PT Kids Success Story Meet Leonie, 8 years old, Cerebral Palsy & Post-SDR Please tell us a little about Leonie. Leonie is nearly 8 years old. […]
12th May 2020
Benefits of Virtual Therapy

The Benefits of Virtual Therapy

The Benefits of Virtual Therapy We are really missing being able to visit all of you and we are really hoping we can get back to […]
15th April 2020

Walking Stick Home Exercise · PT Kids: Live

Walking Stick Home Exercise Here’s a 20 minute home exercise programme to work on at home. The aim of the work out is to develop sit […]
31st March 2020
Katie Dale

Handwriting Problems With Teenagers

Handwriting Challenge A teenage girl has found it difficult to keep up with schoolwork for a while, and whose teachers have commented on the need to […]
18th February 2020

Small Change – Hydrotherapy

What was the challenge? The little boy I was working with could not tolerate brushing his teeth and it was making his evening routine really stressful […]
2nd July 2018

PT Kids on: Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, or Aquatic Therapy, is becoming an increasingly more popular intervention used by Physiotherapists. Here at PT Kids, in conjunction with Little Hiccups, we’re proud to […]
5th March 2018
bike skills

PT Kids on: Bike Skills

What does the term ‘Bike Skills’ mean? It’s as simple as the steps needed to learn how to ride a bike! This is a tough skill […]
26th February 2018

PT Kids on : Scheuermann’s Disease

What is Scheuermann’s Disease? The vertebra that makes up our spine is more or less cylindrical in shape and is stacked on top of each other, […]
19th February 2018
knee pain

PT Kids on: Knee pain in adolescents

PT Kids on: Knee pain in adolescents Osgood Schlatters is a very common knee pathology that statistically affects more boys than girls. We usually see it […]