2nd July 2018

PT Kids on: Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, or Aquatic Therapy, is becoming an increasingly more popular intervention used by Physiotherapists. Here at PT Kids, in conjunction with Little Hiccups, we’re proud to […]
5th March 2018
bike skills

PT Kids on: Bike Skills

What does the term ‘Bike Skills’ mean? It’s as simple as the steps needed to learn how to ride a bike! This is a tough skill […]
26th February 2018

PT Kids on : Scheuermann’s Disease

What is Scheuermann’s Disease? The vertebra that makes up our spine is more or less cylindrical in shape and is stacked on top of each other, […]
19th February 2018
knee pain

PT Kids on: Knee pain in adolescents

PT Kids on: Knee pain in adolescents Osgood Schlatters is a very common knee pathology that statistically affects more boys than girls. We usually see it […]
12th February 2018
Why stand?

PT Kids on: WHY STAND?

WHY IS STANDING SO IMPORTANT? We are all designed to stand. Normal development shows us that children go through certain processes in order to ultimately end […]
30th January 2018
Fine motor skills

PT Kids on: Cerebral Palsy & Hand Skills

PT Kids on: Cerebral Palsy & Hand Skills Here we will explore the effect of altered muscle tone and its effect on the hand skills of […]
24th March 2017
pt kids relaunch

PT Kids – The Relaunch!!

Welcome to our new look PT Kids website along with our new and improved branding, we hope you love it as much as we do. It’s […]