Lottie Woods

Social Media & Digital Marketing Assistant

Lottie has always been a creative type from a young age, driven by the world of visuals, this passion led her to study fashion design at university. Studying design enabled her to experiment in many different forms of media, leading her to find her passion and focus on digital design. After graduating in 2012 from Nottingham Trent University, Lottie moved straight to London where she has been working in the fashion industry ever since. She is now a multi-product and graphic designer for a leading fashion supplier.

Working in this field has allowed her to travel all over the world learning about new cultures and ways of life. Outside of the office Lottie’s side hustle is dedicated to trying to make a difference. She strongly believes that everyone should try to have a positive impact on the world where possible, and tries her best to make genuine connections through her work. This is why she enjoys helping to spread our good vibes via social media and showcase the fantastic work we do here at PT Kids.

Apart from working for us she has also started her own online platform to talk about ethical and sustainable fashion called “Into The Eco” where she is gaining an exciting following. This has grown out of a keen interest to devote more time to projects that can genuinely make a difference, and educate people in how we can all be more conscious in our daily lives.

Lottie really believes in the good work done to help our children and is excited to be part of the team, believing this is only the beginning of what we can do to change more children lives through our collective efforts.

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